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Atmosphäre offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture products that can be customized according to our customer's needs.

Our experience and technical expertise enable us to tackle complex projects. As exterior landscaping innovators, Atmosphäre has completed a wide variety of projects requiring the flexible use of outdoor furniture that can be adapted to the theater or the municipal park. Our products are designed to be refined, stylish and innovative and we make sure they are sufficiently strong and durable: capable of withstanding the rigors of our climate. To simplify maintenance and increase the lifespan of our products, we follow the highest standards of fabrication known to the industry.

Atmosphäre offers applications for garden furniture, patios and decks, urban parks, bus shelters, arenas, park benches and seating for theatres, lecture halls and waiting rooms. Our range of products share a unique, modern design approach combined with a high quality of fabrication that will provide a fun environment for future generations.

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