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Beyond functionality, our furniture helps to create livable spaces in urban areas.

Atmosphäre has designed and developed indoor and outdoor urban areas since 2004.  We draw on a unique vision that allows people to exchange ideas and share their feelings with respect to the city environment we wish to leave for future generations.

As a leader in furniture for public spaces, Atmosphäre products provide clean design and make a lasting mark on our cultural, sports and leisure places. In parks, arenas, public squares, stadiums, theaters, malls, universities and waiting rooms, our designs continue to shape our cities, making them more beautiful, easier to live in and more alive.

Atmosphäre is pleased to help city dwellers recapture urban life by allowing each to share, meet and exchange personal experience through our public furniture installations. Our products reflect our social values and standards for urban life. Thus our services provide an opportunity for a city or a private operator to consider the design and development of public spaces as a gesture of responsibility towards its citizens.

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