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Atmosphäre chooses its manufacturing partners based on common values regarding environmental responsibility. To us, this seems quite natural.

Environmentally friendly practices, great quality products, respect for employees, passion for unique and distinctive design, customer satisfaction and innovation are all among the values common to all of our suppliers.

Landscape Forms

Landscape Forms is the leading designer and manufacturer of site furniture in North America. This company is completely focused on site furniture and they're innovators in their industry.
Landscape Forms products include transit shelters, benches, modular seating, chairs, tables, LED lighting, umbrellas, litter/ash and recycling receptacles, planters, bike racks and bollards. Metro40, designed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks USA, is an integrated collection of site elements for the urban streetscape and transit core and 35 Collection, designed with frog design, is an integrated collection of furnishings created to support collaboration. (


Arconas is the leading designer and manufacturer of furniture for airports and public spaces. For over 40 years, we have defined what high design and high performance are all about. Our furniture is stunning, comfortable, and durable; and we build it with a commitment to excellence, safety, and environmental stewardship. (

Hussey Seating

Hussey makes a full line of top quality spectator seating including fixed polymer and upholstered chairs, telescopic platforms and telescopic gym seats. You'll find Hussey seating solutions throughout the world - in stadiums, arenas, schools, universities, colleges, halls and anywhere people gather. (

Classic Recreation

For over 20 years Classic has served the needs of landscape architects, city planners, and park designers with steel structures that protect against the elements.  The structures are the highest quality in the industry, setting the standard for quick and easy construction with good looks. Classic’s structures include shelters, kiosks, bus stops, picnic shelters, dugouts, gazebos, park pavilions, playground shelters, sidewalk covers and many more.  Years of working with design professionals has resulted in a wide variety of innovative solutions for virtually any recreational, commercial or outdoor use. (


Figueras International Seating is a global company based on innovation and design, and specialized in offering seating solutions for public use projects. (

Master Tribune

The solid experience gained in the demanding world of entertainment allowed MASTER TRIBUNE to reach rapidly the rank of expert and to become a true benchmark in this field. The company is particularly known for being open to innovative, aesthetic and technological solutions (sound insulation, resistance of materials, quality of bearings) and development of new spectator armchair models adapted to telescopic seating. (


Established in 2014, TOILITECH is the brand with which PTMatic commercializes self-cleaning toilets, automatic public toilets (APT), prefabricated toilets, eco-friendly toilets and urban furniture integrated solutions.TOILITECH serves the international market and, thanks to its capacity for innovation and ongoing development of cutting-edge formal and technological solutions, is one of the world’s leading names in the supply of public toilets. (


Formed in 2006, Kazuba is a small French business based in Arles in southern France and engaged in the design and manufacture of waterless, toilet systems. Between 2010 and today Kazuba has agreed the distribution of it's products by third parties allowing itself to concentrate on the development of further products. (

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